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Global Economics:

Academic Research

Working Papers

  • "Adding Outside Money to Sidrauskian Models: Mechanisms Matter", Ready to Submit Version, December 2022.
    Abstract: The Sidrauski (1967) model is foundational for money in utility models and models with capital and money yet the mechanism employed by Sidrauski to to add outside money to the model leads to specific conclusions that focus on the role of money but not on the role of monetary policy. This paper focuses on the “monetary mechanisms” possible in Sidrauski’s original model to show that his
    formulation was both unrealistic and infeasible once central bank balance sheets are considered. This paper argues that adding money through government purchases of real-valued goods or assets leads to a natural role for the balance sheet of the central bank and helps make sense of traditional monetary regimes. The result is that Sidrauski’s original mechanism of fiscal transfers - and a very popular modeling technique ever since - is not a feasible mechanism for monetary policy but an open-market-operation-based mechanism with a durable physical asset is.

​Published Research


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Non-Academic Writing

Lectures & Speeches

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TV and Written Interviews

Honorary Hungarian Consul

  • "The Tangible and Intangible Threats to Freedom" (PDF), talk given for the 1956 Anniversary at the Hungarian House in Wallingford, CT. October 25, 2021

  • My Remarks on the 61st Anniversary of the Hungarian 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight (October 22, 2017 in Wallingford, CT, USA)

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