Economics Instructional Videos

This is a collection of all my videos teaching economic concepts. 

These are all videos of me personally teaching the material.

The AS-AD Model

These cover the basics of Aggregate Supply - Aggregate Demand analysis.  The model is done in an open economy, including the basic effects on NX.

Applying Open Economy AS-AD Model to Analyzing Tariffs

These are from a video series I did awhile ago.  We didn't cover tariffs in the course. They are simply a tax on foreign goods entering a country.

Transaction Costs and The Birth of Money

Solow Model Basics

Solow Model with Population Growth

Solow Model with Technological Progress

Evalutating the Solow Models in terms of GDP per Capita

(These are the same as above, just all collected in one location)

Non-Video Supplementary Material

  • PDF Note on "Hat Algebra" - I do a lot of converting things into growth rates (percentage changes).  The notation I use for growth rates is a "hat" over a variable.  I teach my undergraduate students a few quick rules to convert variables into "hats" and I call it "hat algebra", a term I picked up from an undergrad prof of mine years ago.  This Note covers this.

  • PDF Note on "Derivatives in 10 Min or Less"

Money and Money Markets

The following notes cover all the material in the above notes from Mankiw's book, just in pieces and with specific emphasis on certain aspects.  I recommend using the Mankiw Chap 4 notes and the notes below, then the videos too.

(The following notes are handwritten but will slowly be converted to typed notes.)

"The Nominal Money Market" or "The Market for Nominal Money Balances"

Converting the Real Money Market to the Nominal Money Market (especially for EC 350 students)

Flexible Exchange Rate Regime Analysis

Unanticipated and Temporary Changes in Levels

Unanticipated and Permanent Changes in Levels

Anticipated and Permanent Changes in Levels

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