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International Macroeconomics
Spring 2024

Assoc. Prof. Chris Ball

Economics Department


Office phone: +1 203 582 8745

Office Location: 4th Floor Rocky Top Student Center

QU Course Number: EC 350

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Time:  3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Location:  TH 116

Office Hours: TBD and As Needed

EC 350 Spring 2024 Syllabus: download

My Substack Column:

Our QU Econ Research Team:

Substack columns are FREE. There's an option to pay monthly to support my work, but I would never ask my students to do that. If you sign up, please just stay on for free!

Recommended OPTIONAL Book:

International Economics: Theory and Policy (10th Edition) by Krugman, Obstfeld and Melitz (Pearson Series in Economics) 10th Edition

** The cheaper "Global Edition" or a used, older edition are also fine.

My Notes and Materials (PDF)

My Review Materials

(No need to do this in advance, but when we need this info, you'll know to find it here)

Practice Problems: AS-AD and Time Paths Review

Open Economy Basics

  1. Open Economy National Income, BoP and Sudden Stops

  2. Open Economy Loanable Funds (Hand written actual lecture notes)

  3. Notes with More Detail on Accounts and Definitions

Supply and Demand Analysis of Exchange Rates

Exam I: Tuesday, March 4  (Download Exam 1)

Money and Monetary Policy in Open Economies

Flexible Exchange Rate Regime Analyses


NOTES: Assumptions on timing, announcements and beliefs

Exchange Rate Regimes

Fixed Exchange Rate Regime Analyses

Fixed Exchange Rate Regimes


Two Examples: Changes in Domestic M and in Foreign M*

Old Country Report Examples:

  • NOTE: These are just examples. They are all good, but I expect you to improve on these now that you'd seen past examples.

  • 2005 Russia Report

  • 2005 Spain Report

  • 2007 Argentina Report

  • 2018 Mexico Report and Presentation


Due Tuesday 4/23/2024

Countries, NEW Data and Code:
this uses -FA and also puts everything into one excel file for you

Updated: 2/14/2024

WORLD BANK Annual BoP Data: Excel Sheet  Video Guide

NOTES on the Data (download

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