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Principles of Macroeconomics
Spring 2023

Assoc. Prof. Chris Ball

Economics Department


Office phone: +1 203 582 8745

Office Location: 4th Floor Rocky Top Student Center

QU Course Number: EC 112

Days: T,TH

Time:  2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Location:  Room TH 116

This website is primarily for those students in my Spring 2023 EC 112 Principles of Macroeconomics course at Quinnipiac University.  While the focus is on serving my students, I'm posting it publicly so anyone with an interest in macroeconomics can access it.  Enjoy!

Syllabus for Fall 2023

How to access Pearson's MyLab


Section 1: Macroeconomic Foundations

  • Chapter  8  - GDP: Measuring Total Production and Income

  • Chapter  9  - Unemployment and Inflation


Section 2: Keys to Long-Run Growth

  • Chapter 10  – Economic Growth, the Financial System, and Business Cycles

  • Chapter 11  – Long-Run Economic Growth: Sources and Policies


EXAM 1 - Thursday March 2nd

Section 3: Short-Run Fluctuations

  • Chapter 12 - Aggregate Expenditure and Output in the Short Run

    • Appendix: The Algebra of Macroeconomic Equilibrium

  • Chapter 13 - Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Analysis

Extra Credit AS-AD Homework

Extra Credit AS-AD Homework  ANSWER KEY

EXAM 2 - Tuesday April 11th

Section 4: Money and Banking

  • Chapter 14 - Money, Banks, and the Federal Reserve System

  • Chapter 15 - Monetary Policy


Section 5: Monetary and Fiscal Policy

  • Chapter 16 - Fiscal Policy

    • Appendix - A Closer Look at the Multiplier

  • Chapter 17 - Inflation, Unemployment and Federal Reserve Policy

This course will use 2 resources 100%:

QU BlackBoard and Peason's MyLab.

Required for this course:

  • MyLab. Pearson's Online Resource, is called MyLab. ALL of your homework and exams will be done on MyLab.  MyLab includes an e-book. 

  • QU BlackBoard.  I'll maintain links to this site and to Pearson via BlackBoard. I will manage your grades in BlackBoard as well.

  • You can access MyLab through QU Blackboard.

Optional Physical Textbook: 

Habbard and O'Brien's Macroeconomics, 8th edition, Pearson.

This is a great book. I highly recommend you buy it if you (a) prefer physical books (I personally find it convenient even with all the online resources) or (b) enjoy economics and/or plan to major or minor. It even has an introductory review of microeconomics, so it's quite a nice single-source reference to keep. 

But, you will have access to the e-book through MyLab.  So, if you are happy with that, you can just use the e-book.  Totally your choice.

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