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EC 112: Principles of Macroeconomics
Spring 2024

Assoc. Prof. Chris Ball

Economics Department


Office phone: +1 203 582 8745

Office Location: 4th Floor Rocky Top Student Center

QU Course Number: EC 112-01

Days: T,TH

Time:  12:30 - 1:45 pm

Location:  CAS 1 Room 220

This website is primarily for those students in my Spring 2024 EC 112 Principles of Macroeconomics course at Quinnipiac University.  While the focus is on serving my students, I'm posting it publicly so anyone with an interest in macroeconomics can access it.  Enjoy!

Syllabus for Fall 2024


Required for this course:

  • Hubbard and O'Brien's Macroeconomics, 8th edition, Pearson.

  • Homework assignments will be a mix of ones I make up and end-of-chapter questions.

My Substack Column:

Our QU Econ Research Team:

Note: Substack columns are FREE. There's an option to pay monthly to support my work, but I would never ask my students to do that. If you sign up, please just stay on for free!


Section 1: Macroeconomic Foundations

Section 2: Keys to Long-Run Growth

EXAM 1 - Tuesday, March 4 (covers Section 1 and Section 2 material)

(Download Exam 1)

Section 3: Short-Run Fluctuations

EXAM 2 - Tuesday, April 9 (Covers Section 3)

Section 4: Money, Banking and Monetary Policy

Section 5: Fiscal Policy

  • Chapter 16 - Fiscal Policy

    • Appendix - A Closer Look at the Multiplier

Notes on how to do AS-AD analysis (you can ignore the end about time paths)

Exam 2 Bonus Material DOWNLOAD

EXAM 3 - QU Final Exam Date

Thurs, May 9, 10:30 AM, Room CAS 1 220

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