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Economics Resources

This page includes links to the other resource pages I have done and that are in development. 

Additionally, I have researchers in mind and also made this as a resource for me to easily find people and sites  I like to use often.

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FED Resources


Trading Economics (quick look at global data):



Bank of England:

Bank of Japan:

FOREX Factory:

Black Rock Weekly Insights:

Black Rock Global Weekly Commentary:

Economists I personally read and follow

DSGE Models and Dynare

WEB 3.0 Related.



Structure and Organization (Economic, Organizational, Legal and other considerations)

Theory and praxis of DAOs | Binance Research

Institutional Economics & Governance of DAOs (Part 1) | by Shermin Voshmgir | Token Kitchen | Medium

Costs and Benefits: Thinking Through Legal Structures for DAOs — PrimeDAO

The Legal Basics of DAOs

DAOs are not corporations: where decentralization in autonomous organizations matters


Creating a DAO

Starting a DAO: The Definitive Guide to Creating a web3 Community


Governance/Voting System

Governance | MakerDAO Community Portal

Gitcoin DAO Governance Process v2 - updated




A Deep Dive Into How the Top 10 DAOs Work | Alexandria

Wolf Works DAO Whitepaper (Big Green DAO, included to provide an example of an operating framework)

operating framework)

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