Economics Resources

This page includes links to the other resource pages I have done and that are in development. 

Additionally, I have researchers in mind and also made this as a resource for me to easily find people and sites  I like to use often.

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FED Resources

ATLNTA FED Monetary and Fiscal Policy ConferenceAtlanta Fed's Monetary and Financial History workshop, May 23-24, 2022

Trading Economics (quick look at global data):



Bank of England:

Bank of Japan:

Economists I follow

  • John Cochrane (macro/finance/FTPL)

    • Academic Site​

    • Grumpy Economist Blog

  • Charles I Jones (macro/growth) -

  • Guillermo Calvo

  • Kenneth Rogoff

  • Voll

  • Thomas Sargent

  • Martin Uribe

  • Carlos Vegh

My Dynare Code Project

I am developing a collection of basic economic models in Dynare.  You must have MATLAB and Dynare installed to run these.  I'll slowly add additional documentation in Word or PDF too. ** This is a bit on hold but I plan to return to this in 2022!

Deterministic Solow-Swan Model Examples

I have a temporary and permanent shock to depreciation, technology-productivity, and to the marginal propensity to consume.

In each case I wrote a simple master code in Matlab (.m files)  that calls and runs two pieces of Dynare code (.mod files) and then graphs the output in one graph. So download all three files, save them in the same folder and then run the Master file.