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Intermediate Macroeconomics

Spring 2021

Assoc. Prof. Chris Ball

Economics Department


Office phone: +1 203 582 8745

Office Location: 4th Floor Rocky Top Student Center

QU Course Number: EC 212

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Time:  12:30 - 1:45 PM

Location:  TH 318

Office Hours: TBD and As Needed

QU Covid Message: play the linked video

Spring 2021 - MODULE 1: The Basic Island Economy

Part I: Introducing the Island

1-Pager Summary for Part 1: Key Lessons

Part II: Adding Capital

  • Adding Capital to productoin

  • Optimal Allocations for Output: Concave Functions in Economics

  • Problem Set 4 (HW 4; Due 3/21/2021): Word or PDF

  • Transaction Costs and Institutions

    • Lecture Notes: HO 05 Transaction Costs

Spring 2021 - MODULE 2: The Solow Growth Model

Solow Model Basics

Solow Model with Population Growth

  • Problem Set 5 (HW 5; Due 4/11/2021): Word or PDF

Solow Model with Technological Progress

Evalutating the Solow Models in terms of GDP per Capita


Evaluation Videos all in One Place
(best if you download the "Comparing Models" Notes and go through these with those notes and AFTER we did it in class.)

Spring 2021 - MODULE 3: Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Monetary Policy: An Evolutionary and Conceptual History of Money from Stones to 2021 FED Policy

Fiscal Policy

HW 6 (Due Thurs Midnight 4/29/21 ): Word or PDF

AS-AD and Other Topics

TYPED NOTES: Review of AS-AD Basic

FROM 2022


This is material I've covered in the past. Or, it's additional material for students wanting to read more on a topic.

Original Fall 2022 Planned Material

Syllabus and Other Material

EC 212 Spring 2021 Syllabus: download

Textbook for the course: Mankiw, Macroeconomics, 10th Edition by MacMillan Press

Side Readings for Fun

(related to topics asked about in class)

Additional Reading

Early Trade Structures


The Economics of TIME


Gary Becker's 1965 Classic (Optional)

  • "A Theory of the Allocation of Time," by Gary Becker, The Economic Journal. September 1965.

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