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Additional Materials and Readings for Courses

This page just collects together the optional or recommended additional readings from several of my courses.

Intermediate Macro Additional Materials

Additional Reading


The Economics of TIME

Gary Becker's 1965 Classic (Optional and Advanced/Technical)

  • "A Theory of the Allocation of Time," by Gary Becker, The Economic Journal. September 1965.

Modern FED Policy Framework

Birth of Money

Early Trade Structures


Friedrich Hayek's 1945 Classic (Optional)

Additional Material for the More Analysis-Oriented Student

Game Theory  Additional Materials

BOOKS for the Course

  1. Joel Watson, " Strategy: An Introduction to Game Theory (Third Edition)" I found this to be the best undergrad text to use and used it for years.  I highly recommend it.

  2. Chris Ball (draft) "Modelling With Games: An Introduction to Modelling Human Behavior Using Game Theory"



  • Mixed Strategies - YouTube Video that's presented similar to the way we do in class. Note: I let p = prob(P2 chooses s1) and q = prob(P1 chooses s1). They switch them in this video. Otherwise, very similar to how I present it.

  • Another version of Harsanyi's Centipede game - YouTube Video, useful for understanding strategies and backward induction, extensive form games.

  • Bridge Burning and Commitment - YouTube Video, useful for extensive forms, SPE, and also understanding the key nature of strategies and commitment

  • Joel Watson's lectures for undergrads. The great thing is that all his notation will be the same as what we use since we follow his textbook closely.​

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