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Welcome to my personal website. I launched it for a number of reasons. First, since I wasn't teaching (or very active as an economics professor) for the past 4-5 years, I lost all my old teaching and research material that was posted on other people's or organization's sites. I needed a new location and decided to just make my own. This semester (fall 2017) I’m teaching Intermediate Macroeconomics at Quinnipiac University. Next semester (spring 2018) I’ll teach International Economics (also an intermediate level class) and Principles of Macroeconomics, both also at Quinnipiac University. So the first materials I’ll post will be related to Intermediate Macro, then I’ll post materials for International Econ and Principles of Macro. Second, I will post other economics materials I’ve developed over the years and plan to develop over the coming 6-12 months including videos on basic economic analysis, materials on solving mathematical models in macroeconomics (aimed at Grad students), and notes and parts of books I’ve written and materials I’ve developed for the non-technical reader. Third, I’ve long wanted a space where I can start to connect all the various things I do. This site provides such an outlet, or better put, such an aggregation space. So I can bring under one roof my personal thoughts and views, links to my consulting business, and economics. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll write and post materials regularly (I’m not really after developing “followers”) or what else I’ll post on. We’ll see. Since it’s my site, I’m not going to worry about it for now. Thanks and I hope some of the material is of interest or help to you! Chris

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Remarks on Hungary's 1956 Freedom Fight

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Launched "Math for Economists" page!

Finally I'm starting on my site with math materials for economists (here). I've had the idea for this for many years. I would have loved such a site when I was in grad school and starting my career

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