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Launched "Math for Economists" page!

Finally I'm starting on my site with math materials for economists (here). I've had the idea for this for many years. I would have loved such a site when I was in grad school and starting my career as an academic economist. Honestly, I found that I made notes for myself over the years and return to them every time I start working on research again. So, in many, many ways, the first versions of this material will be helpful to me as well. My eventual goal is to have tons of SHORT material in PDF and video so that any economist at any stage could quickly thumb through it, spend 20 minutes reviewing 2-3 topics they need for their research, classes they are taking or whatever. Once I get some real material developed, I'll open up for comments and feedback. For now, enjoy whatever I manage to put up there and check back from time to time.

Thanks and enjoy!

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